TP-Link USB Wireless Adapter

Meet the TP-Link USB wireless adapter

Although TrackMan Performance Studio does not require a customer to be online, we recommend being connected to the internet and the TrackMan radar at the same time.  Sometimes an extra USB wireless adapter is needed for this.

TrackMan recommends this specific USB wireless adapter (linked here) as our top choice to add additional wifi capability to your computer or laptop. 


The adapter and it’s included, but optional, USB extension cord

No Drivers Needed

When plugging in the TP-Link adapter, Windows should automatically install it for you.

  • In the Windows Search, type Device Manager, hit Enter, and it should show it installed under the Network adapters section pictured below

Now you’re ready to connect

Now that the TP-Link adapter is installed, you’ll now have an additional wifi adapter to use and connect with.  Windows typically sets this up as “Wi-FI 2

  • In the bottom right portion of Windows is the System Tray
  • Click on the  TP_Link_3.png symbol down there and you’ll now see a “Wi-Fi 2” option
  • We recommend you connect your Wi-Fi 1 to your regular Internet connection, and the Wi-Fi 2 to the TrackMan radar

Note:  On the TP-Link adapter itself, there is a small button on the side of it labeled “WPS”. You won’t ever need to press this button. WPS is a separate and unrelated way to setup a wireless connection to an access point, however you won’t ever need to use this method with the TrackMan radar. Ignore this button

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