What To Do When I Visit A TrackMan Indoor Simulator Centre

So you're about to visit a TrackMan Indoor Simulator Centre, whether it's your first experience or you're experienced in the world of Indoor Golf there may be some useful things that you can learn from this guide to enhance your experience at a TrackMan Indoor Simulator Centre.

1. Download The TrackMan Golf App

There are a multitude of benefits of downloading the TrackMan Golf app (available on iOS & Android) with benefits starting before you even arrive at the Simulator Centre and continuing after you leave.

2. Create Your TrackMan Account & Profile

When you download the TrackMan Golf app you will be prompted to create a TrackMan Account. If you have an existing account you can of course just sign in, otherwise you will simply need to provide an email address and create a password for your account.

Also be sure to select your Gender in the app as this will be important for specific tournament requirements and tee positions on Virtual Golf courses. You can select your gender by clicking on the "Me" icon in the both left corner and click on your profile picture or username to open the profile settings. From here you should be able to select your Gender.

3. Create Your Virtual Golf Bag

For example, you can create your full golf bag within the app before your round and then select from these clubs during your Virtual Golf Round.

4. Browse Our Virtual Golf Course Library

You can also browse our Virtual Golf library of well over 200 courses directly in the app to get some inspiration on which courses you would like to play, so whether it be a local course, a course you've played in real life and want to experience again through outstanding graphics or a bucket list course that is right at your fingertips. There's plenty for you to choose from and experience.

5. Enter Tournaments & View The Leaderboards

By clicking on the Tournaments tab in the bottom of the app you can view and enter Featured TrackMan tournaments. These are globally available tournaments which are created by TrackMan on a weekly and monthly basis. They are great way to get a true sense of the competitive side of Virtual Golf and test your skills amongst players all around the world.

From the Tournaments tab you can also accept any invitations you may have received to other private tournaments and closely watch the leaderboard of any tournament update in live time so you can be sure of what strategy to take coming down the last few holes or keep your fingers crossed if you're holding the clubhouse lead.

6. Find Your Nearest TrackMan Indoor Simulator Center

To find your nearest TrackMan Indoor Simulator Center you can simply click on the Locations tab in the bottom right corner of the app. The Locations function allows you to find all the details you'll need to get your TrackMan Indoor experience sorted. You can find the contact details for each facility, as well as their address and webpage if provided so you can find out more about your upcoming TrackMan Indoor Experience.

7. Login When You Arrive With The Quick Login Feature

When you open the app you will see a Quick Login button immediately, if you click on this button you will be able to use the camera on your device and scan the QR code which you should be able to see in the top right corner of TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS). This is the software which powers the Indoor Golf experience at a Simulator Center powered by TrackMan. You can also login by clicking on the "Connect with PIN" option, where you will simply need to type in the 6 digit code displayed next to the QR code.

Once you've logged into TPS you can choose from our great selection of Practice, Course, Game & Tournament modes. There's hours and hours of fun to be had so be sure to explore all that TPS has to offer.

8. Review Your Round Or Session After You Leave

After your experience you can review your session provided you have logged in with your TrackMan Account. Through clicking on the Activities tab on the bottom of the TrackMan Golf app you can review your Shot Analysis, Course Play or Tournament sessions. In Shot Analysis you can review an in depth breakdown of the data behind each shot or get an overview of the full session. In Course Play or Tournaments you can review the full Virtual Golf Round, following the plot of each shot around the course, your club selection, distances of each shot and most importantly your scorecard.



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