Replacing A Velcro Impact Screen In Your TrackMan Simulator

For a visual guide on how to replace the velcro impact screen in your TrackMan simulator please see the video below.

Full steps listed in the video:

  1. A ladder will be required for this process
  2. Remove the top bumpers and trim kit
  3. Remove the old screen from the velcro and discard
  4. Apply the new impact screen, starting in the bottom left & right corners
  5. Then locate the middle of the impact screen and apply to middle of the backing
  6. Once this has been completed work outwards from the middle to install the rest of the velcro impact screen
  7. Reapply the trim kit, starting with the vertical pieces
  8. The unfinished edge should face away from the screen and the finished edge should face towards the screen
  9. Then the top bumpers should be replaced, with the seam facing the ground and velcro to the top trim piece under the ceiling
  10. Now you should be all set to resume play and hit shots

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