Video Recording Details

NOTE: You should have at least 3.5 GB of space available on your device (based on iPhone 12, shooting standard HD (1080x1920, 30 fps)

The Basics

  • Round recordings should be done in vertical orientation
  • Position the camera behind the hitting area so that your entire body/swing and the screen can be seen
  • Keep the recording angle the same during the entire round
  • Consider making two recordings: one for the front 9 and one for the back 9. This reduces file size and makes the upload process easier
  • Do not pause the video — incomplete recordings may result in disqualification

Best Practices

  • Fix your phone/camera on a tripod — asking a friend to hold the camera is not recommended
  • Consider supplemental lighting if possible — we want to see your smiling face!
  • Set the simulator screen/projector brightness to max (ask your facility manager for help if necessary)
  • Put your phone in flight mode / enable “do not disturb” so you don’t receive calls or notifications that may disrupt your recording

Extra Credit

  • Publish social media posts about your round on your own social media profiles
  • Be sure to tag @NEXTGolfTour and hashtag #nextgolftour
  • If you do not tag NEXT and use the hashtag, then you cannot win social media payouts from side games!
  • Be creative! Remember – additional prizes will be awarded to the NEXT Golf Tour players with the best social media content

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