During Gameplay: Stuck In Bushes- Unable To Retreat & Drop

If you find yourself in a situation where your ball is stuck in bushes and you're unable to retreat and drop, follow these guidelines:

  • Utilize the "Pick Up" Rule:

    • Ensure that you use the "pick up rule" before holing out. By tapping the “Pick up” button on-screen, the score for the hole will be a quadruple bogey, regardless of the number of shots taken before picking up.
  • Continuing Until Holing Out:

    • If you choose to continue until holing out, all strokes on the hole will be counted, with no maximum limit.
  • Managing Your Score:

    • Players are advised to pick up the ball before holing out if they wish to limit their score on a given hole to quadruple bogey.

By following these steps, you can navigate through situations where your ball is stuck in bushes. 

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