Amateurs In The Top 10 Order Of Merit: Prize Distribution

If an amateur finishes within the top 10 in the Order of Merit, where 10th place pays $2000, here's how the prize distribution works:

  1. Maximum Reward for Amateurs:

    • The amateur golfer can still receive the maximum amount of $1000 from the Order of Merit.
  2. Season Finale 18-Hole Match:

    • Simultaneously, the amateur has the opportunity to receive up to $1000 in the season finale 18-hole match.

According to the Guidance Notes for Rule 3: Order of Merit, an amateur golfer is allowed to accept a prize up to the limit specified in Rule 3 for winning an "Order of Merit" or "Golfer of the Year" award. This is in addition to any other competition prizes won during the Order of Merit period.


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