Social Media Distribution & #Tagging

Maximizing Your Presence on Social Media

NEXT not only offers a platform for competitive golf, but also provides an opportunity to expand your online following. Here's how you can make the most of it:

  1. Tagging @NEXTGolfTour:

    • When you post on social media platforms, make sure to tag @NEXTGolfTour. This increases your chances of being featured to a broader NEXT fanbase, and it might even lead to additional prize money.
  2. Creating Your Own Content:

    • While NEXT's official social media platforms will generate and share their own content, players who choose to post on their personal channels have the opportunity to be reposted or shared by the official NEXT social media platforms.
  3. Showcasing Your Golf Journey:

    • Share your standout moments, reactions, pre-round preparations, post-round interviews, or any other highlights you'd like us and the global golfing community to see. Get creative!
  4. Top Instagram Posts Prize:

    • The top five Instagram posts from eligible players will each earn $2,000.
  5. Using Hashtags:

    • Don't forget to tag @NEXTGolfTour and incorporate the hashtag #NEXTGolfTour in your posts.

By engaging with social media in this way, you not only amplify your presence but also have the chance to earn extra rewards, happy golfing! 

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