Uploading Videos for Score Verification

In order to qualify for prize money payouts, it's essential to upload videos for score verification purposes. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Filming Your Round:

    • Use your smartphone to record your entire round of play.
  2. Uploading Process:

    • Visit trackman.wetransfer.com to initiate the upload process.
  3. Providing Context with Time Stamps:

    • In the comments section, include time stamps indicating specific moments in the video that the Rules Committee should review in case of errors or for special highlights (e.g., a hole in one or a memorable moment).
  4. Optimal Upload Method:

    • For a smoother transfer process, it is recommended to upload files from a computer rather than using a smartphone's mobile network.

For detailed instructions on how to record and upload your videos, please refer to the articles provided below. 


Video Recording Details

Video Upload Guide

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