NEXT Round Withdrawals: Process And Policies

Initiating a Withdrawal

If you find it necessary to withdraw from the NEXT Golf Tour, you can do so through your Trackman Golf App. Simply navigate to "My Tournaments" and follow the prompts to withdraw.

Important Information Regarding Withdrawals

It's important to note the following policies:


No-Refund Policy:

    • Please be aware that we operate on a no-refund policy. This policy is in place for two key reasons:

    • First, we determine prize money based on the number of participants, incorporating player entry fees into the guaranteed prize money pool.

    • Second, processing refunds can be administratively complex. We encourage participants to plan and complete their rounds within the 12-day round window (as outlined in the FAQ section: Timing).

If, for any reason, you find it challenging to complete your round within the round window, we encourage careful planning and timely participation in future events.

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