Ensuring Fair Play: Preventing Hacking And Cheating

Our Commitment to Fair Play

Trackman is committed to protecting the field and conducting a fair and legitimate competition. We require every player to submit an uninterrupted and unmodified video of their entire round. Videos will be cross-referenced with the Trackman data captured during each round to ensure scoring accuracy. Hacking is a criminal offense — any attempts at data manipulation will be referred to law enforcement and prosecuted accordingly. Any form of cheating or attempt to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated.

Commonly referred to situations surrounding the above statement are; For example if someone plays instead of the assigned player? Or if someone is playing in poor lighting which causes the ball do fly dead straight (no spin axis)?

Very relevant questions:

In order to prevent or minimize the chances for cheating, we do have a simple cheat prevention, addressing exactly what you are addressing with no spin axis. If a players data shows suspiciously large number of shots with no spin axis, then we will study the video and see if there is a cheating pattern. For the same reason all players shall video record the round in full and submit it to us. That will also document if it is the correct player behind the score. Furthermore, to secure that no players have participated with more than one account, we check for duplicates when payouts are distributed, to ensure that no player receives more than one payment. We also address this in the player manual too. See excerpt from the player manual below:

Validation of Results: Each entrant must video record each round in full in order to validate round results. A smartphone camera is sufficient. The video recordings may be reviewed by the Rules Committee and cross-referenced with Trackman data to confirm the round was completed according to the rules of golf and the NEXT Golf Tour. If a complete and unedited video recording is not provided to the Rules Committee upon request, the round will be disqualified.

Disqualification: We want every player on the NEXT Golf Tour to have fun and compete with integrity. All scores will be carefully monitored. Entrants are encouraged to win with grace and lose with dignity. Any form of cheating or attempt to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Trackman and the Rules Committee reserve the right to disqualify and/or ban players from future participation if there is a suspicion of cheating in general or anyone is believed to be breaking the official rules. This includes but is not limited to impersonation (including using another player’s Trackman account, creating multiple accounts, or men playing from women’s tee boxes).

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