Mastering Ghost Round Settings: A Quick Guide

Here's a concise overview of our new Ghost Round settings, accessible in-game under settings:

1. SkipShot:

  • What it does: Skips the ghost player's shot (it does however briefly show their camera view).

2. SkipTurn:

  • What it does: Skips both the ghost player's shot and their entire turn if they're hitting again before a live player. (Also shows the ghost player's view briefly)

3. SkipHole:

  • What it does: Displays the ghost player's camera view during their turn, but not afterward. Auto-finishes their turn if auto-putting is on.

4. Double Speed:

  • What it does: Ghost player takes 5-7 seconds to hit, like normal speed, but their shot tracer moves at double speed.

Ghost Rounds.png

Experiment with these settings to elevate your gaming experience. Enjoy the game, and may your shots always hit the mark!

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