Introducing A New Feature : Unfinished Rounds

Ever found yourself in the middle of a round with no time to finish the entire course? Or losing power or internet connection to your PC just after splitting the fairway? Say goodbye to losing your progress with TPS 9.3's latest feature, Unfinished Rounds!

To get started, make sure you're logged into TPS using the QR code from the Golf App or by manually signing into your profile in the bottom left-hand corner of the home screen. Then, pick any course you like and play as many holes as you want, even if you can't complete the whole course.

Keep in mind that if your course is set for a 9-hole round, completing all 9 holes counts as finishing the course, not the full 18 holes.

Once you've exited the course, your round is automatically saved in the Unfinished Rounds tab. Ensure you're properly signed in again at the bottom left-hand corner of the home screen, then click the "My Activities" button in the top left-hand corner.

Saved Rounds 1.png

You'll be presented with two tabs: "Planned Rounds" and "Unfinished Rounds." Choose "Unfinished Rounds," and there you'll find the course you exited earlier.

Select your course, hit continue, and pick up right where you left off.

Unfinished Rounds 2.png

Whether you've played 1 hole or 17 holes, whether it's 1 stroke or 100 strokes, our goal is to give you every opportunity to complete your round and elevate your game!"

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