Updated Lie Penalty Feature In Virtual Golf

Previously, Trackman Performance Studio applied a set lie penalty, making it easier for players to calculate the precise distance their shot would play. However, we understand that the thrill of golf lies in its unpredictability, and we wanted to replicate that authentic outdoor experience even more closely.

In response to our commitment to delivering a true-to-life golfing adventure, we've made an adjustment. The new update introduces a dynamic challenge by transitioning from a set lie penalty to a range between two numbers as is shown below:
Lie Penalty.png

This means that every shot now presents a unique challenge, mirroring the unpredictable nature of outdoor play. No longer can you rely on precise calculations alone. Instead, you'll need to rely on your instincts, adapt to the circumstances, and factor in the variability introduced by the new dynamic system.

We believe that this adjustment will not only make indoor golf more challenging, but also more immersive and enjoyable. It encourages players to hone their skills, adapt to different lies, and experience the thrill of uncertainty – just like they would on a real golf course.

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