Updated Power & Spin Ranges As Of January 2024

Just before the holiday season, we introduced power and spin ranges for shots played outside the fairway. The positive feedback we’ve received so far reinforces how this feature makes the Trackman Virtual Golf experience even more fair and realistic.

After further data analysis and testing, we've fine-tuned these power and spin ranges. The updated ranges maintain the importance of hitting the fairway while still demanding a high degree of skill on shots from off the fairway:

Semi-rough: 97–99% Power, 80–87% Spin
Lie Penalty Semi Rough.png

Rough : 89–94% Power, 70–85% Spin
Lie Penalty Rough.png

Deep rough : 75–84% Power, 50–70% Spin
Lie Penalty Deep Rough.png

Players will encounter similar power and spin ranges on shots from the sand, mulch and other non-fairway surfaces.

Be sure to spend extra time on these shots during your practice sessions to get familiar with these updates — and how they may affect your strategy — before Round 3 of the NEXT Golf Tour Season 2 begins.

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