Latest Trackman 4 Firmware Download: 2.7.3

Our latest version of firmware for Trackman 4 units is version 2.7.3 The updated firmware focuses on the following improvements:

  • Speed Training Mode: We have introduced a new Speed Training mode in Shot Analysis where you can track your club head speed without even hitting a ball. Please note this requires TPS 9.4, which is currently only on beta

  • Improved data pick-up, particularly on shorter shots

  • Other general improvements

The firmware can be downloaded here, and here you'll find the guideline in how to manually upgrade:

  1. Download the latest Firmware version
  2. Once downloaded connect your Trackman 4 to TPS via either ethernet or Wi-Fi
  3. Then enter the Web Interface of the Trackman 4 by going to Settings > Advanced > About > Show Device Web Interface
  4. Once in the Web Interface page you can click Login (no password required) and click Force if prompted
  5. Click on Administration > Upgrade
  6. Choose the tm-xxxx.bin file (the firmware you downloaded earlier onto the PC)
  7. Click 'Upgrade'
  8. The radar will restart several times and will flash green, may take several minutes
  9. Once the green light is solid, the firmware has been applied to the radar
  10. Double check in TPS under Settings > Advanced > About and check to see if correct version has been applied

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