Introducing Online Course Play With Friends

Online course play allows you to play with your friends from anywhere in the world. Using the Trackman Golf App, you will need to add your friends to play with them. Once they are added you will invite them and play a round of golf.

Online Play Requirements

  • Stable and high-speed internet connection
  • Active software subscription
  • Signed in at the bottom left
  • Friends added within the Trackman Golf App
  • Both users must have a license for whatever course is selected

Setting Up Online Play

  1. Select the Online tab on the right
  2. Then sign in if you haven’t yet
  3. Now select “Add Player” and then “Invite Online” (You can only invite people from 1 other simulator)
  4. Now you should see a list of all your friends, invite whoever you wish to play with
  5. They will need to accept the invite at the top right of their TPS
  6. Now adjust any course/tee settings as you would in normal course play
  7. Once you have selected a course the other player will need to select “ready up” at the bottom right of their TPS under the course settings
  8. Now you can start the round by selecting “start game”
  9. Now play like normal!
  10. If the invited player gets disconnected or must leave early, then you can either end the game or continue alone. If the host disconnects or leaves, then the round will end

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