Planned Rounds Feature In Trackman Golf App

The Planned Rounds feature in the Trackman Golf app allows you to not only browse all of course Virtual Golf course and select through the various game and course settings available, but allows you to save a Planned Virtual Golf round in your Trackman Golf App.Planned Rounds-01.png

So what does this mean? Well, once you have selected your course and adjusted the game and course settings to your liking you can then name and save your planned round so that it becomes tied to your Trackman account. This means that the next time you go to play Virtual Golf in a Trackman Simulator with TPS 9.2 or newer then you can simply log in with your Trackman account using the Quick Login feature in the Trackman Golf App. Then you can click on My Activities in the top left corner and then Planned Rounds to see any rounds that you've planned in the Trackman Golf app.

To recap here are the simple steps to creating and playing your Planned Round:

  1. Open the Trackman Golf app
  2. Click on My Planned Round
  3. Select your Course and adjust settings to your like
  4. Name & save your Planned Round
  5. When you next arrive at a Trackman Simulator, log into TPS using your Trackman account
  6. On TPS click on My Activities, then Planned Rounds to find your Planned Rounds
  7. Select your round and play away

This feature is sure to save you time when in the Simulator, leaving you with more time to immerse yourself in Virtual Golf and all the other features in TPS.

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