PC Graphics Settings

Please see below the applicable PC Graphics Settings regarding NVIDIA & Windows Graphics

NVIDIA Control Panel

3D Settings

  • Adjust Image Settings with Preview (No Changes Needed)
  • Manage 3D Settings
    • Global Settings
      • Low Latency -> Ultra
      • OpenGL rendering GPU -> NVIDIA GPU (example: 3070ti)
      • Power management mode -> Max Performance
      • Texture Filtering – Quality (Only if GPU is out of spec) -> Performance
  • Configure Surround, PhysX
    • PhysX Settings -> Processor -> NVIDIA GPU (example: 3070ti)

Windows Graphics Settings

System -> Display -> Graphics

  • Add an app
    • Browse to C:ProgamData\Trackman\Virtual Golf 2\staging
    • Add the .exe files for all the _trackman(challenge, driving range, golf, practice)
  • Now select the Trackman modules and then select options
    • Select High Performance for all of them

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