Missing Club Data On Your TrackMan 4

If you are experiencing issues with missing club data on your TrackMan 4, please follow the refer to the article attached prior to taking any action as you may find your answer there. Reasons For Missing Club Data with TrackMan 3(e) & TrackMan 4. However if you are confident that the reasons listed are not associated with the issue you are experiencing please follow the guide below.

First step is to factory reset the TrackMan 4

  1. Connect to the TrackMan and Open the TrackMan 4 web interface
    • Web Interface address when connecting via TM Wi-Fi:
    • Web_Interface_1.png
    • Then click Force on the next page.
    • Web_Interface_2.png
    • From here, select Administration on the left hand side and then select Factory Defaults.
    • Factory_Defaults_Web_Interface.png
    • You can then click the factory defaults. The radar will reboot and should take a couple of minutes.
    • Once the radar comes back to a solid green light on the front of the TrackMan you can then reconnect and try testing again.

If this does not work please try a Manual Reset of the TrackMan 4

Manually Reset TrackMan 4 via Paper Clip

  1. Open the rubber flap on the bottom of the radar and you will see a tiny pinhole above the screw.
  2. Make sure the radar is powered on
  3. Take a paper clip and hold down for 10 seconds inside the pin hole (it is okay to push with a bit of force to be sure the paper clip is pressing the button)
  4. The radar lights will turn off
  5. Wait 30 seconds
  6. Close the back stand/leg
  7. Wait 30 seconds
  8. Power the radar back on by opening the back stand/leg

If issues continue make sure that you are using the correct dimensions for the simulator

  1. Radar to Tee distance: 7ft or 2.1m
  2. Radar to Net distance: 10ft or 3m minimum
  3. Verify you are hitting in the blue box on the target image screen

Verify OERT is on in the Settings of TPS

  1. In TPS go to Settings >Advanced > General
  2. OERT.png

If you are still experiencing issues with missing club data or shots not registering, please submit a support ticket here


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