Unable To Log Into Trackman Performance Studio

If you open TPS and you are unable to sign-into the application, follow the steps below.

  1. Upon opening TPS, you will see this prompt to sign-into TPS
  2. TM_Sign_I_on_TPS.png
  3. To sign into TPS, you MUST be connected to the internet (not the radar)
  4. Once here, sign into the app by using your MyTrackMan credentials. You can use your email or username to sign in, along with whatever password you created when setting up this MyTrackMan account
  5. If you get any sort of error or message saying the username and/or password were wrong, then click on “Can’t access your account?”
    • This will open a new internet browsing window for your password to be reset
  6. Once here, you can enter either your username, email, or full phone number associated with your MyTrackMan account. After you enter the information and click “Submit,” you should receive a temporary password to sign in
    • Password may take up to 10 minutes to be sent
  7. You can then use this temporary password to sign into TPS
    • NOTE: You will still want to follow steps 8 – 9 to change your password to something new
  8. If you continue having difficulties using that temporary password to sign into TPS, then you can also navigate to mytrackman.com and attempt to sign in there
  9. If you can successfully sign into mytrackman.com using the temporary password, then click on your name at the top right, and select, “My Profile.”
  10. Scroll down to where you can change your password, and use the temporary password for the “Current password,” then change your new password to whatever you would like

If you still cannot reset your password at all or sign into TPS after this, please submit a support ticket here

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