Compatible Cameras & Connection Options

The Current List of Compatible Cameras for use with Trackman TPS


(Compatible with wireless Trackman 4/Trackman 3e radars only. Additionally, the iOS version needs to be at least 11 or higher)

Use this link to determine which iOS devices Apple currently supports on both iPhones & iPad

Connection Options

iOS Cameras via Wi-Fi

  1. iOS cameras are connected via Wi-Fi to the TM Camera app on the device
  2. Download the TM Camera app and make sure to connect to the radar’s “fast” version of the Wi-Fi
  3. From there, you should be able to see it come up on TPS and record shots if you follow the directed steps in the app

iOS Cameras Hardwired 

  1. Plug in the switch near the computer or somewhere out of the way
  2. Connect the computer to switch using a Ethernet cable
  3. Connect the Trackman 4 to the switch using a Ethernet cable
  4. Connect Belkin adapter to the iOS device
  5. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Belkin adapter and then to one of the POE ports on the switch
  6. Download the Belkin|Connect application from the App Store
  7. Verify that the iPhone is charging
  8. Go to settings on the iOS device and verify that underneath Wi-Fi an Ethernet option has appeared
  9. Open TM Camera application and connect to the Trackman 4
  10. Repeat for other iOS devices
  11. Setup TPS as normal

For more info on connecting iOS cameras hardwire, please see this article: How To Hardwire iOS Cameras In TPS Using TM Camera App


IDS UI or U3 3040CP or 3060CP Cameras

  1. USB runs from the camera to the computer

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