Reasons For Missing Club Data With TrackMan 3(e) & TrackMan 4

Below are the reasons why we may not give club delivery numbers on a TrackMan unit.

  1. Impact is occurring to too close or too far away from TrackMan (Optimal distance is 7-9ft or 2.1m to 2.75m).  
    Please note 7-9ft from TrackMan to impact is very key for club numbers and note the blue box is just a helpful guide, at the end of the day 7-9ft is needed
  2. Impact is too far right or left of TrackMan
  3. The club being used is a blade, which does not provide as strong of a signal to the radar than a cavity back would
  4. The club is a short iron. When hitting short irons, the smash factor becomes closer to 1.0, which means the club and ball are traveling away from the radar at similar speeds, making it hard for us to give club numbers
  5. The shot was a miss-hit thus low smash factor
  6. You are hitting off turf and the divot is causing excess radar noise, try hitting of a golf mat (most common outdoor issue)

Note: We would rather give NO club information than possible false club information, by giving no numbers this is to protect yours and our credibility.

  1. The player has low club speed example: Club speed with driver is 45mph and they achieve a 1.45 smash factor their ball speed would 65mph. With only a 20mph different between ball and club speed will might still have a hard time determining where impact occurred, similar to the short iron issue

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