Exclude A Camera From View In TPS

Please see below for the steps so we can exclude cameras from use in TPS:

  1. Open the TPS software and take note of the exact camera name as it appears in the camera list. This can be found by entering Shot Analysis and clicking in the top right corner of the TPS where you see the camera icon
  2. Locate the following file and open it in notepad: C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\VideoManagement\ExcludeCameras.TMConfig
  3. Add the camera name into the file exactly as the camera was named in TPS. If you have multiple cameras add all the names, each on a separate line
  4. Once you have saved the Notepad file you can then close and re-open TPS and the camera list should be updated with the changes you've made

The steps above will make TPS ignore these cameras. If you ever wish to reinstate any cameras which you have excluded, simply remove their names from the same config file and save the notepad file.


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