Delay In Shot Data Appearing In TPS

If you find that it is taking an extended period of time between the TrackMan 4 recording the moment of impact on a shot hit and the PC then displaying this shot data please perform the following. 

    1. Check for and complete any updates to TPS
    2. Check for and complete any Windows updates which may be available on your PC
    3. Restart your TrackMan 4 unit
    4. Check for and complete any TrackMan Firmware updates available: Update TrackMan 4 Firmware
    5. Factory reset TrackMan Performance Studio
      • Select the Windows icon option in your taskbar at the bottom of your screen and search diagnostics
      • Open the diagnostics application
      • Diagnostics.png
      • Select "Reset TrackMan Performance Studio To Factory Defaults"
      • Select YES on the next pop up that appears
      • Reset_TPS.png

If you continue to experience any issues please submit a support ticket here

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