Shots Not Tracking On TrackMan 4

If you experiencing issues with shots not tracking with your TrackMan 4, please check and try the following series of checks and steps.

  1. Confirm that you are connected to the TrackMan unit either via the TM Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection
  2. Please confirm that you are hitting shots from inside the blue calibration box in the Target Screen. This area is commonly referred to as the "hitting area". Try different spots of the box; left, towards the screen, towards the radar, and right. After testing this take note of any tendencies and whether any improvements were noted in terms of tracking. If so, adjust accordingly
  3. Check for Windows & Driver Updates (Both Optional and Normal updates) – Occasionally a Windows and or Driver update can resolve the issue of shots not tracking
  4. Factory reset TPS – Please see the guide included here
  5. Factory reset the radar via the web interface ( -Wireless)
  6. If the radar is hard wired, you can access the web interface via file explorer under “Network” (Press “OK” to access available networks). Click on the yellow bar up top to enable local networks.
  7. From there you will answer yes to the prompt questions. You should then be able to access the radar by right clicking on the “TM-XXXX-XXXX" and clicking show web interface
  • Once at the web interface you will be presented with this webpage below. Please click login
  • Web_Interface_1.png
  • Then click Force on the next page
  • Web_Interface_2.png
  • From here, select Administration on the left hand side and then select Factory Defaults
  • Factory_Defaults_Web_Interface.png
  • You can then click the factory defaults. The radar will reboot and should take a couple of minutes
  • Once the radar comes back to a solid green light on the front of the TrackMan you can then reconnect and try testing again

If the issue persists please submit a support ticket here

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