Courses Not Loading In Virtual Golf

If you experience issues with courses not loading in Virtual Golf, please try the following steps to try resolve the issue.

Method 1 - Deleting Akavache Files

  1. Close TPS
  2. Open File Explorer and copy paste this file path in File Explorer: 
    C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio\Cache
  3. Delete any Akavache folders present and launch TPS again

Method 2 - Factory Reset TrackMan Performance Studio

  1. Close TrackMan Performance Studio
  2. Select the Windows option and search diagnostics
  3. Open the diagnostics application
  4. Diagnostics.png
  5. Select "Reset TrackMan Performance Studio To Factory Defaults"
  6. Select NO on the next pop up that appears
  7. Reset_TPS.png

Method 3 - Refresh TrackMan Performance Studio

  1. Select F5 on your keyboard to force refresh TPS
  2. Close TPS and try re-opening TPS as normal

If you are still experiencing any issues after trying these steps, please submit a support ticket here

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