TrackMan Software & Hardware Subscription Information

When you purchased your TrackMan radar, a current 1-year software subscription came along with it. Some of the features in your TrackMan Software are permanent, others are subject to a yearly subscription.

What is the difference between the Software and Hardware subscription?

  • Software:
    • Provides access to 200+ Virtual golf courses, games and practice options where additional courses are being added constantly. Additionally you are able to send reports from the system. For more info on what's included and pricing for your region click here
  • Hardware:
    • This acts as a warranty for the system. If support is unable to correct an issue with your radar we will send you a unit to use, while yours is sent to our production team to have fixed. The cost will be covered in full by TrackMan. For more info and pricing for your region click here

Where can I purchase the subscriptions?

1. Open a internet browser

2. Navigate to

3. Select the products option in the top middle

4. You will then find both the software and hardware subscription options

5. SW.png

6. Upon selecting one of the two options you will be taken to a purchasing page

7. In the top right you will be asked to add your TrackMan unit's serial number (You can find this on the bottom of your TM unit)

8. Once entered you can then make your purchase in the bottom right corner of the page

9. After 24 to 48 hours the subscription will be available for your unit and will automatically update



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