How To Force Firmware Update On TM4

  1. Download the firmware you want to force download first and save it to a location on the computer that you can easily remember (preferably the Desktop)
  2. Reboot radar by closing the back plate for 10 seconds waiting for those legs to retract, then reopen the back plate
  3. Connect to the Trackman Web Interface by clicking on any of the relevant links below based on how your Trackman is connected:
  4. Alternatively you can follow the first method in this article: How To Connect To TrackMan Web Interface
  5. Click Login (no password needed) 
  6. Click 'Upgrade'
  7. Choose the tm-xxxx.bin file (the firmware you saved earlier on the computer)
  8. Click the box 'Forced Upgrade'
  9. Click 'Upgrade' 
  10. The radar will restart several times, this may take a couple of minutes
  11. Once the green light next to the camera is solid green, then the firmware should be applied.
  12. Double check in TPS to see if the firmware has been applied
    • Connect computer to the radar
    • Open TPS
    • Go to "Settings"
    • Click "Advanced"
    • Click "About"
    • Click "Connect to Trackman and show license"
    • Under "Trackman Device" on the right, it will display the firmware version

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