Reports Not Sending Or Customers Not Receiving Reports

If you are experiencing any issues with Reports not sending or customers not receiving reports from their sessions, please ensure that you have a valid Software subscription and have a stable internet connection. Once you have confirmed this please follow the guide below.

TrackMan Performance Studio

  1. Verify you are connected to an internet connection
  2. Verify you are sending reports to a player with a MyTrackMan account
  3. In TrackMan Performance Studio go to Settings > Advanced > Share and make sure “TrackMan Cloud” and “Online” are both green
  4. Verify reports are all completed, and none are pending
  5. You can select “Auto upload” or “Upload” to force upload the session
  6. If the share queue is full you can select “Clear History”
  7. If customer still has not received reports, please submit a support ticket here

TrackMan Golf Pro on iOS

  1. Verify you are signed into the correct account in the app
  2. Verify iOS device is connected to the internet
  3. Select “Settings > TrackMan” and verify that sessions have been marked as done under Upload Activity
  4. If data does not show up in your MyTrackMan account please submit a support ticket here

Remember reports can only be sent if software subscription is up to date.

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