TPS Not Opening Or Stuck On Loading Page

TrackMan Performance Studio is packed full of amazing features which allow you to get the most out of your TrackMan unit, but should you experience any issues with TPS not loading correctly or not opening at all, please try the following quick steps to resolve the issue.

Method 1

  1. Close TPS
  2. Open file explorer and copy paste this file path in file explorer: 
    C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio\Cache

  3. Delete the any Akavache folders and launch TPS again

Method 2

  1. Select F5 on your keyboard to force refresh TPS
  2. Close TPS and try re-opening TPS as normal

Method 3

  1. Close TPS
  2. Open Task Manager by searching for it in Windows Start menu
  3. In Task Manager, scroll through the Apps & Background Processes sections to find any TrackMan Performance Studio processes
  4. If you find a TrackMan Performance Studio process, right click and select end task, then close the Task Manager
  5. Try re-opening TPS as normal

If you are still experiencing any issues after trying these steps, please submit a support ticket here

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