Low Disk Space Error Message

If your C: drive gets full to the point where there are less than 5 GB of disk space left, you will notice issues in the performance of TPS and will also be prompted with a Low Disk Space error message warning. When this occurs you will need to clear some storage on your PC following one of the 3 methods below. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly for assistance by submitting a support ticket here

As far as the TrackMan system is concerned, there are 2 things that tend to take up the most disk space, the videos from Shot Analysis, and courses for Virtual Golf. Depending on your usage of the system and your specific situation, you may need to optimize the storage of some videos or courses on your C: drive. Below are different methods by which you can optimize the storage on your PC.

Option 1: Optimizing Downloaded Courses

In TPS 9 we have introduced a much requested feature. We call it the Download Manager. This new feature lets you control which courses are installed and whether updates should happen automatically or manually. The Download Manager gives you control over a rapidly growing Virtual Golf course library, with the ability to show all courses or to simply select, download and display a selection of courses from the library. To learn more about the Download Manager check out this article: Download Manager In TPS 9
With the Download Manager you have control over how many courses from our extensive Virtual Golf library are installed and available in your version of TrackMan Performance Studio. This gives you control of your course offering and also helps with managing the storage available on your PC. This is particularly useful as a given golf course is about 500MB and we have over 200 courses in our Virtual Golf library. You can read more about storage saving solutions here: Shot Library Is Running Out Of Space
Option 2: Delete Shot Analysis Videos
  1. If you record video in Shot Analysis, then there are likely many videos being stored onto the computer that you can delete if you wish
  2. Close TPS if its open
  3. Open File Explorer on your computer
  4. Navigate to the following file path location. C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio\Videos
    • NOTE: If “ProgramData” is missing, click on the “View” tab at the top of the File Explorer window and check the box that says, “Hidden items.”
  5. Once in this folder, you will see additional folders organized by date. Go through the dates and/or videos to delete as many as you would like until you have sufficient space left
    • Please be aware that once these videos are deleted, they CANNOT be recovered or re-downloaded, so be sure you are okay with the videos being deleted. If you want to transfer the videos to an external hard drive, you may do so by submitting a support ticket here

Option 3: Configure A 2nd Hard Drive To Hold The Space Of The TPS Videos

If you would like to configure a second hard drive to store all of your TPS videos please reach out to us at TrackMan Support and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can contact us by submitting a support ticket here


If you are a Commercial Simulator Center (CSC) and logged into our Help Center, then please feel free to check out this article below for even more tips and suggestions on how to optimise your PCs at your Simulator Center.

Best PC Storage Practices For Commercial Sim Centers (CSCs) ⛳

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