TPS Tiles Won't Load

If you are experiencing issues with "Tiles" or images not loading in TPS, please follow the guide below.


Deleting Akavache Files in File Explorer

  1. Close TPS
    • If it is stuck on the startup window, right click the TPS icon in your toolbar at the bottom, then select “Close Window.”
  2. Open File Explorer on your computer
  3. Navigate to both of the file locations below and delete all/any “Akavache” folders that you see. You may see more than one and if that is the case, delete them all
    • C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio\Cache
    • Akavache.png
    • C:\Users\”PC Name”\AppData\Local\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio
    • NOTE: If either “Program Data” or “AppData” are missing, click on the “View” tab in your File Explorer window, and check the box next to “Hidden Items.”
  4. After you delete all Akavache folders, open TPS to see if the tiles now appear correctly

If you're still having any issues please submit a support ticket here


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