What Is The TrackMan Golf Pro App

The TrackMan Golf Pro app allows you to control the TrackMan unit directly from your iOS device. Fast, easy target selection and data tagging make the app extremely easy to use. Perfect for your work on the go.

Essential Information At Your Fingertips

The app (when connected to a TrackMan unit), enables you to capture and analyze data on both full swings and putting strokes, paving the way for smarter practice and analysis. Essential information includes actionable data on Club, Launch, Ball Flight, Landing, and all necessary parameters for Putting performance.

Easy Setup

While our products are technologically advanced, the interfaces to operate them are incredibly straightforward. Setting up the radar and connecting it to the app takes less than a minute. The app is designed to be used by golfers of all levels.

A New Era Of Putting Intelligence

Only TrackMan technology gives you the complete set of critical putting parameters that truly impacts your performance, and only TrackMan can operate on any type of green, without markers or sensors on the club.

Our New Performance Center


Performance Center is centered around two modes a “Quick Play” mode where distance and green layout can be changed on the fly and a "Custom Performance Test" mode in which you can follow our preset tests under 3 different categories or even create and save your own preset tests. When you start the Performance Center, you get straight into the hitting screen after calibrating. You will be scored based on your distance to the pin and the surface type at the landing position (carry distance). There will be a score per shot and a summarized score for the entire session and for the selected distance. Here are some of the main features:

  • Change distance manually (using the dial or by clicking on one of the 3 random interval buttons)
  • Random Mode – set your own distance interval. The app will then auto progress to the next distance 8s after each shot. Tap the screen to pause if you want to examine the results
  • Get scored based on Strokes gained or Points (Strokes Gained = 0.0 corresponds to 85 points)
  • See tour average for each distance as reference (that’s marked by the white contours)
  • Change the hole layout and pin location (we support 10 different hole layouts and up to 8 pin locations for each hole)
  • View your Strokes Gained / Points score for the entire session or for all shots for the given distance (upper right corner)

Download the TrackMan Golf Pro app from the link below.
TrackMan Golf Pro on iOS

Please note:

You need to connect to a wireless TrackMan unit to use this app. For full swing data, you can use the Trackman 3e and TrackMan 4

For putting data, a TrackMan 4 is required

Finally, some features in the app require a software subscription


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