What Is The TrackMan Classic App

The TrackMan Classic App is packed with features that allow you to get the best out of your TrackMan radar on the go with your iOS device.

Please note: You need to connect to a TrackMan radar to use this app.

Please see below a selection of some amazing features (supporting TrackMan 4 and TrackMan 3e):

  • Combine test - build your own training drills and take them to the range
  • Screencast - video record swings with data, then draw, speak and instantly share your analysis
  • Optimizer - instant map a swing’s potential and know how to improve it
  • Video with 3D overlays - with radar’s internal camera, instantly see data points overlaid on the video (trajectory, path, target line, face, attack and launch angles)
  • Compare swings – record and compare swings side by side
  • Create reports - instantly share videos, comments and reports with your students

Other noteworthy features:

  • Instant tracking of 27 ball flight and club data parameters
  • 2D and 3D ball trajectory 
  • Normalization of ball flight to no wind conditions with premium ball
  • Multiple cameras - get all the angles with up to 6 external cameras
  • Target selection directly from the app
  • Multiple players (switch easily between multiple users)
  • Create custom club names
  • Multi session comparison with flexible table
  • Sound notification of each capture shot
  • The app speaks out the numbers of your choice
  • Continue capturing data with screen switched off
  • View your session through the app, grouped by player, club or date

Download the TrackMan Classic App from the link below.

TrackMan Classic on iOS

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