Remote Support Access Via TeamViewer

Are you already in contact with one of our support specialists?

If so, our support agents may ask to remotely log into your PC via an application called TeamViewer. You may already have TeamViewer installed on your PC, you can check be searching in the Windows menu or you can download TeamViewer automatically by clicking on the button below if needed.

NOTE: Please notice that you need to be in direct contact with a specialist when this is done, either on a phone call or by chatting with us.


Once you have downloaded TeamViewer you can simply ensure that your PC has an internet connection and then open the TeamViewer application.

We will then need your TeamViewer ID & Password which you can find by clicking on Join A Session and then clicking on Connect with a TeamViewer ID to find your unique ID & Password details.

After providing the ID & Password our agent will be able to remotely control your PC and best assist you with your query or issue you're experiencing.

Why not consider granting Easy Access to your PC?
Easy Access allows us to add your PC to our network of trusted PC's, meaning that should you be experiencing an issue, we will be able to log into the PC remotely without the need for someone to be at the PC physically. So long as the PC is powered on we will be able to login and work on resolving your issue as soon as possible without the need to disturb you or disrupt your day. If you are interested in enabling this function, please speak with our support agents who will be more than happy to help.

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