How To Send Reports & Screencasts In Shot Analysis

TrackMan Performance Studio allows you to share data via Reports and Screencasts in Shot Analysis. In order to send reports & screencasts you must have a valid software subscription on your TrackMan unit. To update your software subscription follow this article, TrackMan Software & Hardware Subscription Information.

Sending A Report

  • At the end of your session select report at the bottom right


  • Then select Single or Group
    • Single will create a report for a single shot
    • Group will create a report for a group of shots
  • Now select the clubs you want included in the report
  • Now you will see a preview of the report
    • If the videos are missing go back to shot analysis and click upload at the bottom right
  • At the top middle select CLICK HERE TO EDIT THE REPORT CONTENT
    • Then toggle what data you want to be in the report


  • There is a blank section for any notes you want to type in as well
  • Finally print or share the report
    • For the report to show up under someone's account just share the report to the email it is associated with

Sending A Screencast

  • Select Screencast at the bottom right
  • Enter a title for the recording and select your micro phone
    • If you see multiple options and are not sure which one is the right one, choose which ever bar is moving the most to your voice


  • Then select Record
    • You will get a count down and then the recording will start


  • There will be flashing green lines outlining what section of Shot Analysis is recording
  • Once you are done select the green square at the bottom right
    • At the bottom right there is also a pause button
  • Then it will load a sample video to watch, you can then share the video or discard it
    • Sharing the screencast to the email associated with a trackman account will tie the screencast to that account

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