Can't Find TrackMan 4 Wi-Fi Connection On PC/iOS

If your TrackMan is not showing up in your Wi-Fi settings of your PC or iOS device please follow the steps below. 

  1. Verify the TrackMan unit is charged indicated but the number of blinking green lights on the bottom (4 blinks is 100%, 3 is 75%, 2 is 50%, 1 is 25% and red blink is less than 20%)
  2. Verify the unit is powered on by folding down the back leg
  3. If you are using a PC verify network discovery and file sharing is selected on by following the steps below
    • On the bottom left search bar on the PC type "File Explorer" 
    • Then Select "Network" most likely on the bottom left of the screen
    • If there is a bar on the top click on it and select "Turn on network discovery and file sharing"
  4. If the unit does not show up in the Wi-Fi settings after these steps we will need to perform a hard reset using a paper clip

Hard Reset with Paper Clip Guide

  1. Open the rubber flap on the bottom of the radar and you will see a tiny pinhole above the screw
  2. Make sure the radar is powered on
  3. Take a paper clip and hold down for 10 seconds inside the pin hole (it is okay to push with a bit of force to be sure the paper clip is pressing the button)
  4. The radar lights will turn off
  5. Wait 30 seconds
  6. Close the back stand/leg
  7. Wait 30 seconds
  8. Power the radar back on by opening the back stand/leg

If the TM shows up in your Wi-Fi please connect your PC to the regular TM Wi-Fi and connect iOS devices to the TM Fast network. 

If the TrackMan does not show up in your Wi-Fi it may need to be taken in for repair and we suggest that you please submit a support ticket here

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