Shot Library Is Running Out Of Space

If you have an error message pop up in TPS stating that your shot library is running out of space, then you will need to delete some shot data from past shots recorded on your TPS. This can be done within Shot History.

To delete shot data from Shot History in TPS please follow the guide below:

  1. Open TPS
  2. Select All Activities in the top left corner of TPS
  3. Scroll down & select Shot History
  4. In Shot History, select Library in the top left corner
  5. From here you can search for specific players or sort by date
  6. We often recommend starting by searching for "Simulator Player" and deleting these shots as a starting point
  7. This will allow you to make the process of deleting data easier
  8. Then select all the data which you would like to delete. It is recommended to this in smaller batches if deleting significant amounts of data
  9. Once selected, simply click on the Delete button in the bottom left corner of TPS
  10. Once deleted, it is recommended to close and reopen TPS to see if the message appears, if so please repeat steps and delete some more data if possible
  11. Once the message does not appear upon opening TPS then the issue should be resolved

If you are a member of staff at a Commercial Indoor Simulator Centre please visit this article for further instructions : Shot Library Running Out Of Space ⛳

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