TrackMan 4 Connection Options To A PC

When it comes to connecting your TrackMan unit to a PC there are multiple options to do so, this provides you with the flexibility to get the perfect setup no matter your environment. So whether you're a teaching pro, owner of a TrackMan simulator or have your own private TrackMan setup this guide will help in you in finding the best setup for your TrackMan.

TrackMan 4 to PC via Ethernet

This type of connection will provide you the most stable and easiest connection. 

How to connect?

  1. Plug an ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the bottom of the TrackMan radar
  2. Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the back of the PC in an available ethernet port
  3. Now you're all set

TrackMan 4 to PC via Wi-Fi

This is also quite a common connection type and a very simple one. Although not quite as stable as an ethernet connection, this will allow you to connect your iOS devices as camera using the TM Camera app.

How to connect?

  1. Power on radar (This is done by opening the rear leg from the unit)
  2. Navigate to your Wi-Fi settings on your PC
  3. Connect to the TM Wi-Fi matching your serial number
    • This can be find on the bottom of your TrackMan Radar
  4. Then enter the password which as standard should be "password"

TrackMan 4 to Router via Ethernet

Another easy form of connection which requires just 2 ethernet cables. Although slightly more complex than the options above, this option provides the best of both world's for those planning to use the TM Camera app on their iOS device as you can simply connect the router Wi-Fi.

How to connect?

  1. Connect the TrackMan with an ethernet cable and insert the other end of the ethernet cable into the Wi-Fi router
  2. Connect the Wi-Fi router with another ethernet cable and insert the other end of the ethernet cable into the PC


TrackMan 4 to Router via Wi-Fi

Another wireless form of connecting your TrackMan and PC is to a router via Wi-Fi. In order to set up this connection you will require a ethernet temporarily, but once set up the ethernet cable can be removed from the set up.

How to connect?

  1. Connect to the TrackMan via an Ethernet cable to the PC. This is only temporarily for the purpose of creating the setup
  2. Navigate to the web interface : How To Connect To TrackMan Web Interface
  3. In the web interface, Go to Setup > Wireless
    TM4 - Router 1.png
  4. Change the access point to Wireless client
    TM4 - Router 2.png
  5. Select the Network and enter the password of the facility
    TM4 - Router 3.png
  6. Select apply
  7. If you return to the Wireless Settings you will see connected next to the network name
    TM4 - Router 4.png
  8. You may now remove the Ethernet cable which was connected
  9. The Radar will now be present in TPS as long as you are connected to the router

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