Download Manager In TPS 9 🎦

In TPS 9 we have introduced a much requested feature. We call it the Download Manager. This new feature lets you control which courses are installed and whether updates should happen automatically or manually. The Download Manager gives you control over a rapidly growing Virtual Golf course library, with the ability to show all courses or to simply select, download and display a selection of courses from the library.
With the Download Manager you have control over how many courses from our extensive Virtual Golf library are installed and available in your version of TrackMan Performance Studio. This gives you control of your course offering and also helps with managing the storage available on your PC. This is particularly useful as a given golf course is about 500MB and we have over 250 courses in our Virtual Golf library.

You can read more about storage saving solutions for the Shot Library also here: Shot Library Is Running Out Of Space

For more info on the new Download Manager feature in TPS 9 and how to get the most out of it, please check out the video below:

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