How To Access Private Tournaments In TPS 🎦

If you've created or been invited to a private tournament in TrackMan Performance Studio, you will need to be aware that in order to view the tournament in TPS you must meet the following criteria before being able to see and play the tournament in TPS:

  1. First of course, you must be invited to play in the tournament
    • You should receive the invitation in the form of an email, you should also be able to view your invitation in your TrackMan Golf app
  2. You must the accept the invitation to play in the tournament to register your place
  3. Then, once you arrive at the TrackMan Simulator you must ensure that you sign in using the same email address to which you received the invitation, this should be the account you use for
  4. You can sign in using the Quick Login feature in your TrackMan Golf app by scanning the QR code or entering the pin code at the simulator. Otherwise you can login in the bottom left corner of TPS by clicking the Sign-In button and entering your Email & Password.
  5. Once you've signed in you should be able to click into the Tournaments page in TPS and view the tournament you've been invited to.
  6. Enter the tournament and play well!

Check out the video below for some more info on how to access private tournaments in TPS 9.

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